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Martz Farm Treehouses and Cabañas Ltd.
8.5 Mls. Mollejon Road Benque Viejo del Carmen
P.O. Box 161 San Ignacio Town Cayo District
Belize, Central America

Phone: ++501-832-7646 or ++501-622-8222 Whatsapp only

Thank you for your interest in Belize vacations with Martz Farms! Please use the contact form to email us or you can email us directly at Please be advised that because of our location we will not be able to send you an immediate response to your inquiries and a waiting period of up to three working days may incur. Emails will, however, be answered as soon as possible.

    How to Get Here

    Follow the George Price Highway (formerly known as the Western Highway) through to Benque Viejo del Carmen. Upon entering the town follow the main boulevard around the sharp left turn indicated towards the border with Guatemala. On the boulevard you will pass three speed bumps, turn left at the Daisy's Superstore. This is your final opportunity to stock up with snacks, batteries, toiletries and beverages.

    Belize Vacations, Martz Farm Treehouses & Cabanas

    Continue straight ahead; the pavement ends after a few hundred yards and it is a gravel road from here on. Follow this (Hydro Road also known as Mollejon Road) road without taking any turns for 8.5 miles. At mile 7 you will drive by a sign for El Mirador restaurant, at mile 8 you will encounter the signpost for the entrance to Che Chem Ha cave.

    From here on our entrance is 1/2 mile further down the road on the same left hand side. At the corner of our driveway you will find a small red metal building that serves as a snack shop, along with a sign for Martz Farm Treehouses & Cabanas Limited. Turn left onto the drive way and follow the road over the creek and slightly downhill until you see a large 3 story building as well as our parking area.

    Renting a Vehicle/Driving to Martz Farm

    There are a number of reputable Belizean and international rental agencies conveniently located at the airport. Even though we recommend a four wheel drive vehicle, you can navigate to us and around the country without it. Largely, it will depend on your comfort in driving on unpaved roads, which we have quite a few of in Belize.

    In our experience, no matter where you rent your vehicles from, they are a bit prone to giving at least some trouble, and the crucial point is how helpful the agency is in replacing that vehicle for you without losing a precious vacation day. We have a very good working relationship with Crystal Auto Rental, but some of the international agencies at the airport are just as good. In all cases you should check for a few things when you get your vehicle: Tires have sufficient tread on them? Jack and spare tire in the vehicle? Does the spare tire fit the rim of your vehicle?

    Please have the driving directions available off line. As soon as you leave the town of Benque Viejo you will be out of cell phone/internet service. Google Maps and GPS will not usually get you to the right place. We recommend you arrive before 6pm, which allows you to find your way to us and go through your check-in before night fall at approximately 6:30 pm.

    Martz Farm Treehouses & Cabanas

    Traveling with Children

    Belize is a very family friendly and family oriented place. At the Martz Farm we cater specifically to families, with our extra large family rooms, accommodations policy and fun day trips. A few reminders though: The Martz Farm is located remotely and you will not want to run the 9 miles of mountainous gravel road back to Benque Viejo town for snacks, Tylenol or Benadryl.

    Please consult with your family practitioner to help you put together a basic medical kit for travelling in the tropics with your children. Please also ensure you have ample supply of sunscreen or UV protective clothing for your children as well as insect repellent and some preferably (triple antibiotic) ointment for scratches, as well as rubbing alcohol, which we find alleviates the occasional itchy bites. You will not need the extra strong DEET for staying with us. As a matter of fact, most of our guests use natural insect repellents and seem to have no complaints about biting insects.

    Important Note:

    When only one parent is accompanying their child or children to Belize, your airline may request a notarized letter along with a certified copy of the absent parent’s ID stating that they agree to your travel plans, and/or a certified copy of the child’s (children’s) birth certificate(s). Without this documentation you may be denied boarding by the airline.