Belize Horseback Riding

A Horseback Ride in Belize

Horses are our passion, and we’ve been breeding and raising our own for over two decades. Each new horse in our herd is like a new member of our family. Regardless of your experience, whether you are a novice or an expert rider, we have the companion to take you on our trails. Immersing yourself in the rich fauna of a tropical forest is a once-in – lifetime opportunity, especially if you get a chance to do it horseback, so you can gaze and watch and be amazed by this unique environment, instead of looking at your feet in order not to trip on a root or a rock! Nevermind that you can cover much more distance and challenging terrain this way.

Half Day | $51.75Full Day | $103.50

We offer two basic rides: The half-day ride follows a trail up the mountains, alternating between dense forest and pastureland, and then looping it’s way back to the lodge. Two lookouts offer you an amazing panoramic view of the Maya Mountains, and a birds-eye-view of the Vaca Lake and surrounding forest reserves. While on the trail, your guide will be pointing out the traditional uses of the plants you encounter. We also regualrly spot monkeys, birds and other forest dwellers.

Our full day ride takes you off the property and out into the Vaca Forest Reserve, on a mostly level terrain with one assent. Here you tie off the horses to explore and hike in an off-the-beaten -path cave, full of its own secrets and exhilarating formations...each chamber distinctly different from the next. After a late picknick lunch you return to the lodge.

Choose which suits you best: all day rides (includes lunch) or half day rides. Being horsemen - and women ourselves, we pride ourselves on our herd and equipment and ensure you will enjoy your horseback ride as much as we do!