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Horseback Riding

Explore the Maya Mountains and the Vaca Forest Reserve the traditional way with our well-trained and sturdy horses and mules leading you on a wonderful jungle ride.

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Pontoon Boat Adventure

Spend a relaxing day on the lake visiting several spectacular swimming holes and hidden jungle waterfalls.

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Maya Ruins

Ancient temples, Mayan terraces, mounds and causeways shape our landscape, created by his complex and learned ancient civilization.

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Maya Mountain Caves

Western Belize is home to an astonishing amount of caves, many of which were used for ceremonies by the ancient Maya.

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Green Iguana Conservation Project

The green iguana population in Belize is threatened, partly because it is a local delicacy.

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Tropical Wings Ecocenter Butterfly Farm

Learn about the many kinds of tropical butterflies at the Tropical Wings Ecocenter.

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Belize Adventures

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